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Terry’s testimony!

Starting as a infant, I went to a missionary Christian School in Atlanta, First Tabernacle Christian School untill I was 5yrs old, were I was prayed over by missionaries there. Then I moved to Cumming,G.A.,where I then attended New Harmony Baptist Church. It was there that I was saved and baptized at the age of 11, by God’s Amazing Grace!!! Years later I was baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost, and called by God in dreams and visions to the gospel ministry. Licensed by the baptist clergy in 2008. Then the Lord transitioned me and led me to a non-denominational church.

Later, I met Bob Larson, a deliverance pastor who had been in the deliverance ministry for 40 yrs as of now. I trained under him, met my beautiful lovely wife, Kathryn, in 2013, and we have been married now for over 3 yrs. We have been ministering together ever since I was ordained in 2015 to the full time gospel ministry, but I have been in the deliverance ministry for over 20 yrs before I met my wife.

Recently we were guests on Channel 57 Atlanta Live, 91.5 radio station in Cumming, GA.  The Lord now has called us together into the inner healing and deliverance ministry as a married couple, to start “Un-Chained Deliverance Ministry” to set the captives free!!! Teaching and preaching where ever the Lord leads us . We believe the Lord Jesus will continue to open doors for us to setting the captives free and to unchain the captives from the things that have bound them.

So prayerfully consider partnering with us with your prayers and financial support to take the gospel message to the lost and hurting world. We are a 501c3 ministry and a non- profit charitable organization registered with the State of Georgia, so all your gifts are tax deductible. So partner with us, to fulfill the great commission that Jesus said for us to do, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel”!!! Mat.28:19-20.Thank you in advance for all your support. “And May the God of Peace bruise satan under your feet shortly!!!” Romans 16:20.

Kathryn’s testimony!

Was born into a Lutheran home and when I was 6 years old, in front of the manager on Christmas Eve I gave my heart to Jesus. I knew at the time, how special of a baby Jesus was! I wanted to grow up to be just like him…many struggles through my childhood…but was called at an early age to love others and share my gifts of helps. Married at 21 and was expecting my first child, feeling guilty about that, I went into premature labor and had a 3lb14oz  boy with a birth defeat and had to have corrective surgery and also detected a hearing loss by 18 months. It was shortly after, I found out I was expecting my second child and found my husband indulging in drugs and drinking and then he hit me. I was scared and ran as far as I could to feel safe (2 hours away from home) one year later found myself divorced and trying to be supermom… with a 5 year son & 3 year old daughter… raised them in the church by myself for 13 years. Worked in a ministry with the Methodist with children that had loss a parent.  Then met my late husband who was Jewish by birth, but was a Godly man in all his ways with 5 grown kids and dealt with all the emptiness of lost and hurting and angry adults… I am a community builder so tried hard to mend broken hearts and show the love of Jesus… 2010 I found myself widowed and looking for the answers from God what was tearing at my late husbands mind… they were evil spirits sent on assignments to destroy him and his family. That’s where I met Terry, who had been in a war with enemy for many years and gave me the answers to my questions. We met in July 2013 and started dating and 6 months later he proposed and 3 months after we married. Now by Terry’s side we walk together helping individuals and couples and families find their way back to their first Love which should be Jesus Christ.

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We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

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