Individuals & Couples


We arrange private sessions, the first of which can last anywhere from 4-12 hours depending on the person and the degree of trauma. Each session is preceded with a confidential profile sheet and release form to target the session more specifically to your history and personal needs.

Our Ministry takes you through the process of inner healing through processes like breaking Generational Curses and unhealthy Soul Ties, applying the finished work of Calvary.

Then we will walk you through life traumas, whether they be Emotional, Physical, Mental, Spiritual, or Sexual Abuse.

Next, we travel with you along a path of Verbal Forgiveness from the heart …with yourself, with others, and with GOD.

Our Life Coaches and Discipleship mentors will continue the journey from there guiding you forward on a Restored and Renewed path.


Our goal is to meet you no matter what stage you are in with your relationship. Premarital –  Marriages in Transition or Trauma – Divorced – Blended and Adopted Families

To avoid struggles and complications in the beginning stages of whether first marriage or divorced you’ll want to have a great start.

By wiping your slate clean through the power of the Holy Spirit and applying the finished work of Calvary, we help you be at your best to be a partner in a healthy Godly Relationship.

Let Jesus Set YOU FREE!

There is no day like today to start your journey towards setting yourself free of the chains that bind you.  Contact us so we can begin working together!

Please let us know if you would like to make an appointment, and if so when is best for you so we can accommodate your schedule.  We can travel to you, regardless of where you are located, or you can come to us.  We are located in Cumming, GA.

Please call us at 770-742-8979, email us at or fill out the contact form below and we will respond ASAP!

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